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How Much Will It Cost?

Registered by the City of New York

We're here to answer all your questions
and can help you place your request for
process service in New York City.

Call us for free information:
Generally process service fees in New York
range from $95.00 to $110.00 for service of
process within 2-5 business days.

Get  a free quote at 718-277-2968
(Business hours) or by sending us
an email at: (24/7).

For a low fee, our private process servers will
serve your divorce petition, child support
petition, subpoena, notice, summons,
citation, complaint and any other legal
document in the City of New York.
We are bonded, licensed and registered by the
City of New York. Our automated system will
accept your request for process serving and
guide you through step by step. To order service
of process, just click:
Get started by filling out our Intake Form

Customer Service


Follow These Steps to Get New York Process Service

Telephone: 718-277-2968
Fax: 347-295-0244

Mailing address
If you need to mail your papers,
please send them to:

New York Process Service
54 Bristol Street, Suite 7F
Brooklyn, NY 11212

Intake Office:
If you will submit your papers in person,
please visit us at:
Superior Services JD, Inc
405 Rockaway Avenue, First Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11212

To get listed in our process service directory,
send your request to us by email or by regular mail to:
New York Process Server Directory
P. O. Box 120164
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Telephone: 718-345-0244

New York City Process Server Directory
United States Process Server Directory
New York, NY Process Servers
Bronx, NY Process Servers
Brooklyn, NY Process Servers
Staten Island, NY Process Servers
Queens, NY Process Servers
About NY Process Server Org
Additional Resources

1-Fill out the Intake Form (Describe Defendant)
2-Pay for Process Service in NYC
3-Send the court documents

We're here to help:
If you need help, please call us or
Read Instructions for Process Service in NY

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